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  • 400 Indian engineering students from Andhra Pradesh, India participated for the 'English for Professional Communication Course.

  • A scholarship program of 250 Afghan students engaged in a 9-month "English Foundation programme" funded by the Afghan and Indian governments.

  • Since 2015, 8 executive Japanese personnel from the Japan's largest railway builder have participated in a 'Intensive English course'.

  • Provided intensive IELTS instruction to 30 MBA candidates in Regenesys Institute of Management.

  • Delivered a German language course at the National Institute of Fashion and Technology in Navi Mumbai.

  • Delivered an English language course at the National Institute of Fashion and Technology in Navi Mumbai.

  • Various English courses for business clients from a variety of local and international firms.

English for

Whether you are a working professional, a housewife, a student at a college or university, or an intern. We provide a wide range of courses to meet your requirements.

English for Young learners

Here are the classes we provide for children aged 7 to 14 years old who are interested in learning English or a foreign language.

A Girl in a Classroom


foreign students



My grammar has tremendous improved within 6 months Intensive English Class. 

foreign students



I enjoyed living in India and made lots of new friends from all over the worlds.

foreign students



Study and Internship in reputed company in India. I gained tons of English knowledge and working cultures.

foreign students



Very satisfy with the quality of teachers and their teaching techniques. Admin staff is very friendly.

student foreigners



Started with a very basic level of English. But after 6 months of course, I can speak English much better than before. 

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