Online Spoken English : Improve your Speaking skills for perfect communication.

3 Main Areas : Speech & Pronunciation Corrections, Speaking and Communication Skills.
Basic Grammars (Parts of Speech) and Vocabulary for everyday conversation.
Study Mode : Offline & Online Classes.
Features of the Online Course : Google Meeting + Recording Video for Self-Revision + E-Materials.
Trainer : Student Ratio = 1 : 5
Lady ONLY classes is also available
What you will learn
  • You will study the English grammatical concept 'Part of Speech,' which is required for English speaking practice.

  • You will listen to a variety of English audios and sounds and write a summary in your own words. 

  • You'll learn how to share or exchange your idea with other students in group or give a public speech. 

  • Over 1000 essential English words, phrases, and idioms will be taught, along with how to use them in real-life situations.

  • You will take part in group discussions on various subjects that have been assigned.


  • You may expect to enhance your English speaking fluency after completing the course.

Spoken English for Adults


The Spoken English course is meant to increase a learner's confidence in their ability to speak English in a practical setting. We hope to enrich you with a range of vocabulary lists and their meanings through everyday class participation. Word and sound pronunciation is taught through interactive lessons on a range of themes, including people, places, things, procedures, and everyday interactions.

Offline course features :

  • Trainer : Student ratio = 1 : 5 per batch

  • Strictly follow COVID guideline

Online course features :

  • LIVE Online class through Google Meeting

  • E-materials for entire courses (download & printable) plus recorded session for further practices

  • Small class size 

  • Individual or group based tuition

  • Flexible start date

  • Easy to access on mobile with good internet speed

At the end of the course learner is expected to improve in following areas:

  • Lessons are fully equipped with CDs, audio, and a sound system to help students improve your listening abilities. In a variety of circumstances, you will almost certainly hear native speakers with an American or British accent.​

  • Group discussion : You will have several opportunities to talk or exchange ideas in group discussion throughout your regular study sessions. Discussing various given subjects with classmates can assist you in gaining a thorough understanding of the subject. Conveying an idea and leading a group conversation on a variety of themes requires sharing the concept and knowing how to lead the group discussion.​

  • Overcome Stage Fright : Performance anxiety and stage fright are very natural reactions that many students have. It's crucial to know what stage fright is and how to deal with it. Our instructor is well-trained, and she will ensure that the majority of the learners have equal practice speaking or discussing ideas in groups. 

How will I know if my speaking abilities have improved?

The following tasks will be used to track learner progress during the course:

  • Class Activity

  • Classroom Assignments

Locations Offered in Kharghar & Kalyan

Our Spoken English Class offer in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

Our Spoken English Class offer in Kalyan West.

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