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Private Tuition : Make the correct decision, and you'll be halfway to ensuring your child's success.

Having a private tutor gives students an extra chance to review the areas in which they may be struggling.
Modes of study: Courses are available for both Offline - Physical class or online modes.
Age required : 7-14
Admission is available throughout the year.

5 Star Ratings (from 88 ratings)

What your child will learn

  • Fundamental of Grammar in all areas


  • Spelling and Reading Comprehension


  • Writing and styles

  • ​V​ Vocabulary and the meaning

  • Reading exercises and activities are included.

  • Grammar and rules for beginners, as well as exercises.

  • Practices in speech, public speaking or personality enhancement.

  • Writing on a variety of subjects.

Private Tuition

Having a private tutor helps children with alternative study benefits to look into areas in which they may be under performing in school. Our private tuition includes homework assistance in English literature or English reading subjects. Students benefit from having a tutor as a guide who can make the things they're reviewing for homework less stressful, and more of an effective learning experience and of course, better scoring. 


Private tuition is appropriate for children in grades 1 to 6  (7 years and above).

Our class's purpose is to make learning more pleasurable and less stressful for parents. This is a tailor-made course in which you may pick your own topics and study materials.

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