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Tips and tricks for IELTS writing part

Tips and tricks for IELTS writing part

IELTS is a standardised test, and the level of examination is determined by the competency level of graduates and postgraduate degree holders. To pass the exam, IELTS candidates must concentrate and prepare well for all four parts. The significance of both oral and written English language abilities, as well as the correct strategies, can help a test taker pass IELTS.

Here are some IELTS writing tips and methods to assist you:

  • Work on your vocabulary: Having a good vocabulary is incredibly useful. Use positive and less well-known terms to demonstrate the breadth of your English knowledge. 

  • The writing component will be extensive. Stick to the word limit and don't write anything extra. One must complete the full part of writing without leaving any tasks unfinished.

  • Grammatical mistakes should be avoided at all costs. Concentrate on using the correct tenses in the activities. Grammar and sentence structure problems should be avoided.

  • Every time you do a writing practice, while you write letters and essays. It will be challenging to generate thoughts and examples relevant to the subject in 60 minutes for two projects. Take your time, practise, and gradually try to finish the activities within the time period provided. The more one practises, the better one will become.. 

  • Choose a topic and write about it. Request that someone / professional examine it. Rewrite the same task to have a deeper grasp of the errors you made. Use subjects from everyday life that are relevant to general and social economic issues.

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