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Personality Development Course for Kids

Choosing the right platform, which caters to both English speaking and public speaking skills, for your kids is more challenging with personality development course for kids.

Post lock down Parents have become more concerned about their kids’ spoken English and communication skills.

If this issue is not addressed right now, it may affect not just their studies but also their overall personalities.

It is an alarming situation for all the parents to realize, post-lock-down, that there has been a tremendous change in social skills in kids.

We appreciate the parents who enroll their kids in various activities to enhance their personalities with personality development course for kids.

Stanford English Academy has been teaching English language, public speaking, reading, and writing skills to kids since 2009.

A platform where you can improve your spoken English skills is the Stanford English Academy. Course details for the Personality development course for kids, Call 9892264224/ 7304456966