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Personality Development Course for Kids & Teens

Stanford English and Foreign Language Academy would like to introduce the personality development course for kids & teens during school vacations !

What exactly is the purpose of a personality development programme?

We cannot deny that the COVID epidemic has kept the majority of children at home over the past two years. Even if they live in the same society, we are sure that most parents have comparable concerns about their children having less interaction with their peers. Many kids aren't sure how to communicate with their peers. Many of them are shy and quiet, or they lack the confidence to join the groups.

To overcome the above struggle, it is essential to understand how to remove the child's fear and how to boost his or her own confidence. Within their own, each child shines in their own way. As parents, we must assist our children in their social development and engagement.

To know more about the program and schedule - 98 9226 4224 / 73 0445 6966

Age - 7 - 14 years. We offer offline class in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

Course details -

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