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Learning and speaking German will never be easy unless you find the right method and mentors. Stanford English and Foreign Language Academy offers online learning full-fledged Live online German Language Classes with language learning tools. With our unique method, you can learn all levels of the German language, and you will be able to learn new German vocabulary words with the correct pronunciation on a daily classes. You can also ask any questions about the German language. Our teachers are always available to you and provide immediate solutions to any problems.

Stanford English and Foreign Language Academy promises to provide you with a solid foundation for German language skills. We will guide you through clear and effective lectures and exercises in our online courses. These classes not only contain explanations for German grammar, but also help students learn common phrases, sentence formation, and other additional German information.

Learn German Grammar – We have simplified the logics and etymology of the German language in order to bring out the sense in enjoyable ways.

German Vocabulary – On a daily basis, we assist you in learning new German vocabulary words.

Learn to Conjugate German Verbs – Our expert teachers will assist you in developing the skills of conjugating German regular verbs in a fun and engaging manner.

Learn German Numerical – We designed this course to take you from beginner to intermediate level, with words ranging from very basic to advanced. In addition, you will learn about German numerals.

Learn to Frame Simple Sentences – After completing our video courses, you will be able to frame simple to complex sentences.

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