Mumbai, Best Spoken English Classes for Foreign Students.

Stanford English Academy, Mumbai, India offers a range of projects in arts and education as well as English and Foreign language courses.

Best English speaking course to learn Spoken English:

Effortless English course. In our opinion, Effortless English is the best English speaking courses.

How to speak English fluently and confidently : 10 simple tips

1. Start with believing in yourself. “I can do it !"

2. Don't be afraid to speak.

3. Keep your ears open.

4. Mindset that English is everywhere.

5. Curiosity - Find the meaning of words you have never heard.

6. Make the mirror as your best friend.

7. Read full English sentences.

8. Keep calm and do not worry about grammar.

9. Find an English newspaper and learn a word a day.

10. Start writing one English sentence a day.

We have Intensive English class that you will be learning 4 major skills - reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Vocabulary and grammars will be complementary as essentials.

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