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Master Reading Comprehension Skill | English for Kids aged 7 -14 yo.

Vashi | Nerul | CBD Belapur | Sanpada|Panvel

English for Kids or Young Learners - suitable for age 7-14. Check out with our counselor - Call now 98 9226 4224 / 73 0445 6966

Literacy skills are all the skills needed for reading and writing for kids. They include such things as awareness of the sounds of language, awareness of print, and the relationship between letters and sounds. Other literacy skills include vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension.

When kids first learn how to read, they grapple with many different skills at once. Many kids struggle with word pronunciation. Learn more about how they can improve reading and comprehension skills with series of reading books.

The lesson will also cover the writing, spelling and tons of vocabularies. By the end of the course, we aims to help your child to develop their reading and comprehension skills.  

Offline course at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

More syllabus details, click

Talk to the counselor 98 92264224 / 73 0445 6966

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