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Intermediate level of English for foreigner in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India

In every month, we conduct a regular speaking activity which most of students get assignment on different topics. The student will need to prepare the assigned topic and present it in front of the classmate. Teachers and coordinator will attend the class to evaluate the activity as well as give feedback on overall English speaking and presentation.

Most of our foreign students at intermediate level, they able to write good in English and read and understand it but hesitate to speak English, that's because they may lack English speaking skills. Whenever you feel like you know everything about something but still hesitate to do it, then that hesitation is caused by lack of such skills.

Confidence - One of the most reasons is that one lacks confidence in speaking English and that is a main reason why we always motivate all students to present in monthly activity so they can use this platform for their English speaking practice.

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