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Updated: Sep 14, 2020

India is the perfect hub for the students who dream of quality education. With over 17,000 Colleges & Institutions and 383 Universities, there is just no limit to what a student can get in this country, in terms of education. International students are attracted towards welcoming atmosphere, non-discriminate approach and an assured educational and career growth are what attract students from all over the world to India.

India's educational system is as encompassing and as diverse as its history, making studying in India unlike anywhere else. India is the home of the world's largest University by enrollment, Indira Gandhi National Open University, with 3.5 million students.

India offers a wide range of courses that are globally recognized. With English as the medium of instruction, study in India will surely be an enriching academically experience. Not only is the cost of studying in Indian Universities low, but the quality of education is also known globally. This is what makes them worth it when it comes to pursuing higher degree in India. India offers a wide range of courses in the field of medicine, management, architecture, engineering, social science, fine arts, science, etc. Moreover, it is emerging in the field of space technology, bio-informatics, bio-technology, nano-technology and many others. Studying here becomes an interesting and exciting experience with the diverse culture that this country has to offer.

Since Indian Universities are having different intakes and prerequisites, before placing an application you must fulfill its requirements.

Indian Education Advantages

Over 343 Universities and 17000 colleges / Institutes

Strong University network

Global Recognition

Reasonable Fee Structures

Moderate fees and cost of living

Welcoming environment

English medium

Graduate, post graduate and doctoral level courses for NRI’s

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We’ll help you find the perfect undergraduate, graduate, or vocational program, and guide you through the application process. We will place an application on your behalf as well as coordinating with the University admission team. 

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