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IELTS Paper and IELTS Computer Exam. What are the differences and which one is best for you?

IELTS test takers may be confused as to what the differences are and which based test is suited for them. Consider the following criteria before scheduling your IELTS Computer exam.

What is the IELTS computer exam?

Both the IELTS computer exam and the IELTS on paper test have the same test format, question types, time assigned to each test portion, and material as the classic IELTS paper based test. Your test day experience is the only difference. If you opt to take your IELTS computer exam on a computer, you will use a computer to complete the Reading, Listening, and Writing sections of the test. All responses will be written on the computer screen. During the Listening test, you will also be allowed to take notes on a note sheet.

Which test based is best for you?

This is a difficult question since the responses may vary depending on the individual's interests and comfort level. If the test taker is familiar with computers and uses them on a regular basis. This might be beneficial to the user. If a person is uncomfortable or does not utilize a computer in their daily routine, it is not recommended.

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