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Hindi Language for Foreigner in India

If you intend to stay in India for a particular reason, whether professional or personal purposes. Learning the Hindi language course is often seen as an advantage. Hindi language course for foreigner in India

Stanford English and Foreign Language Academy offers a Hindi language course for foreigners. There is no requirement for the candidate to have prior knowledge of the Hindi language. Because the course will begin at the very basic levels. Learn Hindi language course in India.

In the introductory levels, the candidate may expect to learn the Hindi alphabets, letters, sounds, and pronunciation, as well as basic day-to-day vocabulary. Some short conversations for communicating on a daily basis will also be included in this level. It is necessary to know and remember Hindi vocabulary as well as the basic spelling of common words with two or three letters. Learn Hindi language course in India

If you are looking to learn Hindi language course in India, in Navi Mumbai or Mumbai. You may contact us.

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