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German Language Coaching Class in Navi Mumbai

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German Language Class | Physical Class & Online German language Class are now available.

Why do Indian students move towards Germany ? German language coaching class in Navi Mumbai.

Majority of Indian students are now moving towards Germany. We cannot deny that if you wish to study in Germany, no matters in college or University. One of the important thing you should prepare before you land to German is a German language. German language is necessary for those who know German language (Hochdeutsch) and that gives you access to the world of over 90 million native speakers, mostly in Germany itself and Austria. But learning German language also opens the door to other dialects German language spoken in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg and by minority populations all across Europe. German language coaching class in Navi Mumbai.

Fact sheet that you should know about Germany.

  1. There's been rapid economic growth. During 2016, Germany overtook the UK as the fastest growing economy among the G7 states.

  2. Work-life balance is amazing. The unemployment rate in Germany is much lower than in other G7 countries.

  3. The cost of living in Germany is very impressive. In Berlin, the cost of living index is 16.27% which is lower than London.

  4. Free Education. In Germany, you can study for free at public Universities. There are almost 300 public Universities, and there are more than 1,000 study programmes in total.

Come to end, many students are asking - whether Can I stay in Germany after I graduate from University?

Yes, you can! And that applies to all students, regardless of the country of origin. If you are from outside the EU, you can apply for an 18-month residence permit for after graduation. With such a “job seeker visa”, you can search for a job that fits your qualifications; and you are allowed to take any job during those 18 months. German language coaching class in Navi Mumbai.

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