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German A1 to B2 Level | The Complete Guide for Absolute Beginners

This German language course was created for complete beginners at the A1 level. Are you interested in continuing your German language studies by enrolling in a Stanford German Language Class?

In our German A1 level, you have little to no knowledge of German or none at all. You will learn how to ask simple questions in both spoken and written form, as well as how to provide directions. You improve your fundamental grammatical abilities while also expanding your vocabulary.

Outline of German course content : German A1 Learn how to ask simple questions and give directions in both speaking and writing, as well as improve yourself fundamental grammatical skills and vocabulary. Asking for directions or giving directions; asking for and giving information; discussing home and the household; describing people and their character; defining shape, size, and color of objects; asking for and giving opinions; the working world; returning faulty goods to a shop are among the language functions that are practiced.

Location at Kharghar, sector 19

Talk to our counselor 98 9226 4224 / 73 0445 6966

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