English Grammar Lessons for Beginners and Kids | Junior English Grammar Aged 7 - 13.

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Do you want your child experts in English Communication ? The course of English grammar, learn new words will help children improve their English, and reduce errors while they speak. Learn Grammar, and Vocabulary to help your child make most of this short course.

Intensive English for Young Learners

General intensive English curricula are based on a preliminary study and classify learners into three stages of understanding: basic, intermediate and advancement. This technique allows learners in the lower classes to get the required skills. In addition, groups in the medium level may easily attain more understanding, thereby improving their English abilities.

This course prepares students for 4 main abilities in English: reading, writing, speaking and listening. This course aims to enhance the general understanding of basic English language abilities, including the development of basic grammatical principles and applications. Improved daily vocabulary in professional and academic circles.

By the end of the course, the student will be fully developed and able to use English skills and knowledge in his everyday life.

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