Edith Cowan College (ECU) Pathway Scholarship * NEW

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

ECU is excited to announce that we have expanded the existing suite of International World Ready Scholarships for students commencing in 2020!

ECU World Ready Scholarships reward your students financially, assisting them in gaining a world class education. The academic scholarships provide a 20% tuition fee reduction, a saving of up to $35,500. 

The scholarships are assessed automatically when an application is submitted there is no need for a separate scholarship application.

To view our full range of academic and accommodation scholarships visit ECU International Scholarships for full terms and conditions.

Executive Deans 2020 Master of Business Scholarship *NEW

Open to International students from select countries. Students are able to package with ELICOS 20% scholarship for the full duration of the ECU course

Executive Deans 2020 Master of Engineering Scholarship *NEW

Open to high achieving international students from select countries 10% scholarship for the full duration of the ECU course

Edith Cowan College Pathway Scholarship *NEW

Open to International students from select countries*Students must meet academic entry into the diploma program at ECC Students must progress through their diploma pathway program without failing any units 20% scholarship for the full duration of the ECU component of their study

ECU Sri Lanka Bachelor of Science (Cyber Security) 

First Cohort Scholarship *NEW

Scholarship is offered to international Fee Paying Offshore student who receives an offer to commence study at ECUs Campus in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in Summer Period 2020 (November 2019), or Semester 1, 2020 (March 2020) in the Bachelor of Science (Cyber Security) (Y89);20% reduction in tuition fees for the first academic year of the course at ECUs campus in Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Early Acceptance Bursary deadline is fast approaching! 

This scholarship is open to ALL international students who are due to commence a program in 2020 and accept and pay their fees by 30 November 2019. The student will receive $1000 off their second semester fees and the agent will receive $500 agent bonus! Further details below.

Early Acceptance Bursary.

Open to all international students, who will commence an ECU program in 2020 $1000 off 2nd semester tuition fees Students must accept and pay in full 1st semester fee by 30th November 2019 Previously known as the Early Acceptance Scholarship.

To get assistant for the study abroad option in Australia, please visit.

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