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Academic Reading Practice Test for IELTS

The IELTS Academic Reading exam lasts 60 minutes. There will be three portions, each with a lengthy text of up to 2,150-2,750 words. The exam contents are derived from journals, newspapers, and magazines.

At Stanford English Academy, in our daily classes, we train students with a large number of IELTS Reading passages for daily practises. You can gauge your test readiness by answering these practise questions along with the test evaluation from the trainer. You can also learn about the areas where you make the most mistakes.

You will also discover information on the different sorts of questions that are typically asked in IELTS Reading, as well as some recommendations on how to answer them appropriately.

With the help of IELTS experts, save yourself time & money – follow the tips to make sure you score high in the reading sections.

Where to start?

First of all, do not get overwhelmed by the amount of available information. Before anything else, you need to get yourself familiarized with the test structure and the answer sheet patterns. Some more points you may aware of -

1. Understand the test format

2. Practice as much as possible

3. Fluency over vocabulary

4. Avoid monotony

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