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B1 Level German - The Complete Guide to Learn German

German language B1 level. What you can expect to learn ?

In this B1 level, you may expect to understands the essential themes when learn German language. The German language syllabus is well designed for the course content relating to job, education, leisure time, etc. The learner may expect to handle the majority of situations experienced when travelling in the linguistic Germany region. The learner should be able to explain himself/herself clearly and coherently on common themes and areas of personal interest. Moreover, the learn shall be able to report on experiences and events, express aspirations, ambitions, and objectives, and make brief comments to support or explain his/her own opinions and intentions.

At Stanford English and Foreign Language Academy e offer German language course from A1 level to B1 levels. You may call us on 98 9226 4224 / 73 0445 6966

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