Personality Development for Young Learners : Improve overall Social skills for Kids

3 Main Areas : Overall Social and Communication Skills. Voice and Speech to Speaking perfection as well as Life skills.
Study Mode : Offline & Online LIVE Classes.
Online Course Features : Google Meeting + Recorded session for Self-Study + Printable e-Materials. 
Aged Group : 7 to 14 Years old.
Admission is available throughout the year.

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What you will learn
  • Public Speaking, Group Discussion, and Overall Communication Skills

  • To combat direct fear, practice self-introduction, body language, and presentation skills.

  • Constructing with confidence.

  • Important Life Skills - Positive Thinking, how to handle the situation well. 

  • Improving concentration and learning proper etiquette.

  • Social Skills Interactions.

Personality Development for Young Learners


Today's elite athletes cannot win without appropriate training and abilities. Perfection does not come quickly, and it needs far more than extra time, hard effort, and difficulty. This is where Personality Development for Children comes in. Learning becomes much easier when things are planned from the start. Thus, if you want your child to be one step ahead, try enrolling him or her in personality development programmes in Navi Mumbai. We not only provide personal development programmes that will not only speed your child's growth but will also relieve them of the stress of hard work. We genuinely grasp each child's uniqueness, and as a result, they will shine in the future like a star.

Social and communication skills play a vital role in our success; similarly, strengthening these abilities benefited your child in the long term. Children from 7 to 14 years learn more quickly from their environment. They could pick up those bad behaviours you don't want them to. As a result, it is critical to teach your child to distinguish between good and harmful behaviours. The only way to do this is to enrol your child in our personality development course, where the expert staff can work on your child's personality.

Offline course features :

  • Trainer : Student ratio = 1 : 5 per batch.

  • Follow COVID's guidelines to the extreme.

Online course features :

  • LIVE Online class through Google Meetings

  • Entire classes' worth of e-materials (download & printable) includes a recording of the session for future practice

  • The class size is small.

  • Tuition can be given to an individual or a group.

  • Start date is flexible

  • With decent internet speed, it's simple to use on a mobile device.

At the end of the course learner is expected to improve in following areas:

Communication Skills - 

  • Public Speaking

  • Self Introduction

  • Body Language - Nonverbal communication

  • Presentation Techniques

  • Articulation in Speech

  • Discussion in a Group


Confidence Building - ​

  • Hesitation Removal

  • Shyness Removal


Lift Skills - 

  • Positive Thinking

  • Improving Concentration

  • Social Etiquette

  • Self-Presentation

How do I know whether my speaking skills are improved?

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