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Personality Development : A better you in new version 

You may need to have a great personality in addition to excellent communication skills. A person with strong communication skills and a pleasant personality has a greater chance of advancing in their profession or in their social life.

Main Areas : Public Speaking, Communication skills, Body languages and Grammars brush-up
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What you will learn

  • You will learn how to share or exchange your ideas with others in a group or give a public speech.


  • Body language & body gesture.


  • You will take part in group discussion on various topics. 

  • Over 1000 essential English words, phrases and idioms, along with how to use it practically in everyday classes.

  • Confidence boosts up.

  • You'll learn how to deliver an excellent presentation or give a public speaking.

What will you learn

Personality Development Course

The personality development course is designed to help the learner enhance overall personality. Not only communication skills but also body language, social interaction, sharing ideas or thoughts in groups or with social.

The personality development course is meant to boost a learner's confidence, particularly in terms of communication skills in a real-world setting. Through engaging courses on a variety of current topics, we want to enrich you with a variety of vocabulary lists, phrases, idioms, speech & pronunciation of words and sounds. We'll also show you how to use grammar to build a basic phrase (parts of speech). Importantly, you will be able to boldly express yourself in groups of people or in formal professional situations without reluctance.

The Personality development course is designed for any working professionals who wish to perfect an overall English communication and personality enhancement.  Scope of learning :

  1. Body language

  2. Public speaking

  3. Group discussion

  4. Grammar brush up

  5. Vocabulary in variety of topics

  6. Speaking skills enhancement

  7. Certificate after course completion


Learners should improve in the following areas at the end of the course:

You will receive expertise in the following areas after finishing the personality development course, which will help you work more successfully and open up new career opportunities.

Brush up grammar knowledge

Communicate more accuracy and clearly

Use English more effectively in daily communication

Confidential enhancement 

Business vocabulary building

Here what you need to know

What suitable courses and learning outcomes?

What will you learn?

Check your learning progress

Arrange discussion with our course counselor - Call back request.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for a Personality development course?

Ans. The personality development course is designed for a minimum of 1 or 3 months. Depending on how deeply you wish to improve your overall personality. The course is designed for either kids, teens, or adults with a professional background.   

What medium language do you use for a Personality development course?

Ans. The main language will be English, however, the course is practical based learning, where you will be getting different assigned topics in each class. You will handle the situation and learn why you took such action. Our experienced trainer will determine and discuss with you how we can assist you in altering yourself into a better version in terms of communication, pronunciation, presentation, and body gestures.


How much does it costs for the personality development course ?

Ans. Our personality development coaching location is in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. On average, personality development course tuition fees in Navi Mumbai, India, vary depending on the institute, personality development course offer, location, promotion, package course offer, and the reputation of the personality development trainers. You may 'call back request' to find out. 

Can international students enroll in this personality development course in Navi Mumbai?

Ans. Yes, anyone who wishes to enhance their personality can enroll in the personality development course, including Indian nationals who stay overseas and international students.  


Where is your Personality development training location?

Ans. Our Personality development training location is in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. For those who stay far from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai location, they may choose the alternative of taking an online Personality development coaching class instead. The advantages of taking Personality development online are the same. You will get the same benefits from taking Personality development online. Our online Personality development trainer uses the same Personality development coaching techniques and materials. Many people may look for a Personality development coaching class near me. In case you find the location far away and travel is not possible, speak to our online Personality development trainer and find your best study options. 

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