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American Accent Training : Speak More Clearly 

Main Sections : Phonics, Speech & Speaking Skills.
Study Modes : Online Modes
Online Course Features : Google Meeting, Small Batch size. Recorded Video and e-Materials is inclusive.  
Admission is available throughout the year.
More details call or Whatsaap on 98 9226 4224 / 73 0445 6967

What you will learn

  • Pronounce words clearly & correctly using the correct syllable stress.

  • Pronounce numbers clearly & correctly.  

  • Speak with an engaging & friendly pace.

  • Apply fundamental syllable stress and pronunciation rules to hundreds of related words.

American Accent Training


This course of the training consists of lessons that help learner understands how the English language is structured and how it is used differently in different parts of the world. Typically, this focuses on the region from which the majority of the calls originate. For example, if callers are based in the United States, the focus of English language structure will be on American English. Agents may be required to receive training in a variety of areas, depending on the circumstances.


We are number one American Accent Training Center 

  • With our unique study method, 90% of our students are able to achieve and develop accents in a neutral and natural manner.

  • Our trainer has a great American accent and a lot of training experience.

Course Requirements


  1. Learners should have a basic knowledge over English reading and writing.

  2. This course focuses on how using the correct syllable stress and intonation will enable you to speak clearly.

What to anticipate from the course

Course timeline


Accent change takes time and a LOT of repetition. We recommend that you take each lesson at least three times. MORE is even better!

However, in order to internalize the rules and patterns for speaking clear American English, you must practice the words in each lesson multiple times.


Who will benefit from the course?

Professionals in call centres or other industries who want to develop or neutralize their accents.

Locations Offered at Kharghar 

American Accent Training at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

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