English for Kids and Teens: Make the correct decision, and you'll be halfway to ensuring your child's success.

Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Listening Skills are the four main areas.
On a regular basis, students are taught fundamental grammar principles, vocabulary, and dictation.
Modes of study: Courses are available both in the classroom and online.
Features of the Online Course: Only 5 students per interactive session are allowed to use the Google Meeting. Recorded session and e-materials are inclusive.
Age required : 7-14
Admission is available throughout the year.
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What your child will learn

  • Based on the age category, there are two different batches.


  • The sound of the alphabets (phonics).


  • There are two kinds of words: two-letter and three-letter words.

  • Spelling and dictation

  • There's a lot of vocabulary here, as well as the meaning of it.

  • Reading comprehension and activities are included.

  • Grammar and rules for beginners, as well as exercises.


  • Practices in speech, speaking, and listening.

  • Sentence structure and construction.


  • Writing on a variety of subjects

American Jolly Phonics for Young Learners

This online course is designed for children and teenagers who are interested in learning how English words are formed, as well as the relevance of grammatical roles and practices. Speaking and pronunciation abilities are also stressed throughout the training. The trainer covers a series of instructional methods in order to maximize the ability of the youngsters to communicate. Writing, spelling, and a plethora of vocabulary will all be covered during the session. We want to assist your kid in improving their speaking, writing, and reading abilities, as well as basic grammatical rules and usages, by the end of the course.

Jolly Phonics lesson is appropriate for children in grades one through six (7 years and above).

The goal of daily classes is to make learning enjoyable while covering the most important topics for young students.

Topics are included of (Subject to the age group)

Syllabus for the First Batch (Aged 7 - 8)

  • Alphabets and their syllables (phonics)

  • There are two types of words: two-letter words and three-letter words

  • Pronunciation and dictation

  • The meaning of vocabulary

  • Reading comprehension is a skill that may be learned.

  • Uses and applications of basic grammar

Syllabus for HSC Batches (Age 9+)

  • Vocabulary and spelling 

  • Reading Comprehension and Exercises at the Pre-Intermediate Level

  • Grammar applications and usages for pre-intermediate students

  • Writing Abilities

  • Phonics based Communication and Listening Skills

The following are some of the benefits of taking an online course:

  • Google Meeting for a LIVE Online Class

  • e-materials (download & printable) includes a recording of the session for future use

  • Class size is small, or you may choose a private class.

  • Tuition is offered for individuals or groups.

  • With good internet connection, it's easy to access on any electronic devices

  • This is an on-going class, means the class does not have fixed batch. However, the trainer will make sure that each student has covered all assigned topics for the entire course. 


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