English for Kids and Teens : Make the right choice & you are half way to your child's success.

4 Main Areas : Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening Skills.
Plus basic Grammars rules, Vocabulary & Dictation on daily classes. 
Study modes : Offline & Online Courses
Online Course Features : Zoom application, Interactive session limited for only 5 students per session. Recorded Video and e-Materials throughout the course.  
Aged Group : 7 to 14 Years old.
Admission is available throughout the year.
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What your child will learn

  • 2 Different Batches upon aged group.

  • Alphabets and it's sound (phonics).

  • Two letter words & Three letter words.  

  • Dictation and Spelling.

  • Tons of Vocabulary and it's meaning.

  • Reading comprehension & exercises.


  • Basic Grammars and rules & exercises.

  • Speech, Speaking and Listening Practices.

  • Sentence formation & structures. 


  • Writing on different topics


This online course is for kids and teens who excited to find out how English words are constructed, importance grammar roles and practices. The course also focus on the speaking and pronunciation skills. The trainer uses multiple teaching techniques aims to improve children speaking ability as much as they possibly can. The lesson will also cover the writing, spelling and tons of vocabularies. By the end of the course, we aims to help your child to develop their speaking, writing and reading skills as well as basic grammar rules and the usages. 

Jolly Phonics class is suitable for kids age range from Grade 1 and above (7 years and above). 

Daily lessons are intended to make learning fun while studying the most relevant topics for young students.

Topics are included of (Subject to the age group)

Primary Batch Syllabus (Aged 7 - 8)

  • Alphabets and it's sound (phonics)

  • Two letter-words & Three letter-words.

  • Dictation and pronunciation.

  • Vocabulary and its meaning.

  • Reading comprehension.

  • Basic Grammar usages and applications.

HSC Batch Syllabus (Aged 9 +)

  • More and more of Vocabulary and Spelling.

  • Pre-intermediate Level Reading comprehension and Exercises.

  • Pre - intermediate Grammar usages and applications.

  • Writing Skills 

  • Speaking and Listening Skills

Offline Class features :

  • Limited for only 6 students / batch

  • Strickly follow COVID Guideline

Our Online Class features : 

  • LIVE Online class through Zoom

  • E-materials for entire courses (download & printable) plus recorded session for further practices

  • Small class size or Private Class

  • Individual or group based tuition is available

  • Easy to access on mobile with good internet speed

This is an on-going class, means the class does not have fixed batch. However, the trainer will make sure that each student has covered all assigned topics for the entire course. 


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Online English for Kids and Teens

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