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Jolly Phonics Class for Kids

This course is all about how English words are constructed and pronounced correctly and learns multiple techniques in which to practice phonics in a fun and memorable way. This course helps your child to develop their reading skills, recognizing patterns in words and also help to read and spell in better way.


Jolly Phonics class for kids age range from Grad 1 and above (6 years and above). 


Daily lessons are intended to make learning fun while studying the most relevant topics for young students.


Topics are included of :

  • Alphabets and it's sound (phonics)

  • Two letter-words & Three letter-words.

  • Dictation and pronunciation.

  • Vocabulary and its meaning.

  • Reading comprehension.

  • Basic Grammar usages and applications.



In classroom, the children will be given a wide range of contexts where the English language is taught for all domain 4 skills of speaking, reading and writing. Different practices and worksheets are given in each class.


This is an on-going class, mean the class does not have fixed start date. However, the trainer will make sure that each student has covered all assigned topics for the course. 


Junior English courses are also held on every Summer too and are perfect for your child to improve their English during school break. Summer class will be held from April till end of May.

Locations Offered in Kharghar & Kalyan

I enjoy the class very much !
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