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Intensive English : Improve an overall English foundation 

Develop your fundamental English language skills, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening, so you can become a confident and proficient English communicator.

Features of the course : Flexible start date and study duration starting from 1 month with personalized study plan. 
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What you will learn

  • You will learn everyday English lessons with various topics, activities and themes. 

  • You will listen to a variety of English audios sounds and accents. 

  • You will learn the English grammatical concept ' Parts of Speech' which is a foundation of everyday English speaking practice.

  • Over 1000 essential English words, phrases and idioms, along with how to use it practically in everyday classes.

  • You will take part in group discussion on various speaking topics.

  • You will learn how to share or exchange your ideas with others in group or give a public speech.

What will you learn
Study Group


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The Intensive English course is designed for absolute beginners to upper-intermediate learners. It offers a great foundation in English if you have limited knowledge of English language. Beginner level is a suitable course for you to start with. If you now have an intermediate level of English understanding but want to keep improving it until you achieve perfection, we also offer an intermediate level. This is a famous English course for international students. 


The Intensive English course is for anyone suitable for 18 years of age and older who wants to perfect their English foundation skills. With different levels of study grouping / level based teaching for beginner or intermediate learners. No matter if you are :

  • Kids or young learners aged 6 - 15 or teens (English class for kids)

  • Adult learners (English class for adults)

  • Professional with any background (English class for working profession)


You will get the most from our well-designed intensive English syllabus.


Develop your grammar knowledge and skills

Communicate in English with greater accuracy, fluency and confidence

Boost your speaking confidence

Improve your writing skills

Vocabulary building

Pronunciation improvement

Understand formal and informal English

Why study English at
Stanford English Academy


Well-versed in English language, which is required for day-to-day English communication.


Correctness of English grammar & vocabulary usage, formal & informal language that is grammatically accurate.


Flexible timing options & tailor-made study plans that suit individual needs as well as weekend batch options.

Level Test

Free 20 min. online English language placement test. To access your English ability and match your current level.

Admission Steps 
[for international students]

Choose our course which suits you requirements.

Student visa process - for international students.

Pre-arrival arrangement - airport pickup.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to learn an Intensive English course in Mumbai, India? 

Ans. Our English class or Intensive English course starts from 1 month up to 12 months. Each level may take up to 3 or 4 months. We offer flexible intake starting on every Monday. 

What will be the age criteria to enroll in the Intensive English class ? 

Ans. We provide intensive English classes for kids ages 7 to 15. We have trainers who are knowledgeable and proficient at managing classes for younger learners. Intensive English class for adults is also available with no age limitation.

What medium language do you use for an Intensive English class in Mumbai, India?

Ans. The medium language used in the Intensive English class is the English language. We understand that basic learners, such as housewife or international students who do not speak English as their first language, may experience certain challenges at the beginning of the learning process. However, with our well-designed intensive English course, you will get individualised  attention from our trainers when you enroll in our Intensive English class. Our language experts will simplify the course and ensure that you fully understand it.


Will I learn grammar in this intensive English course?

Ans. You will study grammar, parts of speech, and a range of grammar-related topics. The intensive English course's goal is to prepare you to be ready to communicate in English accurately and with as few mistakes as possible.

Tuition fees and costs for an Intensive English class in Mumbai, India. 

Ans. Our location is in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. On average, tuition fees in Mumbai, vary depending on the institute, promotions, courses offer, study duration. You may 'call back request' to find out. 

Can international students enroll in this Intensive English course in Navi Mumbai, India?

Ans. Yes, we most welcome anyone - local Indian students and foreign students who wish to have a good command of the English language can enroll in the intensive English course. Many foreigners may search for a quality Intensive English class in India or intensive English course in India, this is the right place for you 'read more'. You will get good benefits, and your overall English language skills will surely improve. Kharghar, Navi Mumbai are considered education hubs, we have the highest numbers of schools, colleges, and universities. 

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