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IELTS Coaching class : The Unique IELTS Training Technique To Get Your Dream Score in One Go

Some students retake the IELTS exam without spending the effort to figure out how to increase their score. Our IELTS preparation course is intended to assist you in realising your strengths and weaknesses on the test as well as how to avoid frequent IELTS exam mistakes.
Our successful IELTS training methods have evidence from recent past students

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What you will learn

  • In each part, achieve the greatest possible learning IELTS results.

  • Improve the accuracy of your IELTS reading scores.  

  • Understand what the IELTS Examiners are looking for in the areas of IELTS speaking and IELTS writing.

  • IELTS Exam strategy & Tactics for IELTS Academic and IELTS General modules.

  • IELTS exam strategies & Tactics for IELTS computer-based exams.


  • Overcome IELTS listening traps with ease.


  • To circumvent the time management, fully comprehend question kinds in IELTS reading topics.

  • Multiple IELTS mocks on daily IELTS classes.  

What will you learn

IELTS Coaching Class

IELTS is a language exam that determines your band score and it is depending on your English knowledge proficiency. This indicates that if you want to get a good outcome or better score/band, you must improve your English competency.

Band 9 = Fully operational command of the language
Band 8 = most sentences are error free
Band 7 = few errors
Band 6 = some errors
Band 5 = frequent errors
Band 4 = basic competence is limited

Many individuals retake the IELTS exam without learning what they need to do to increase their band score. Or a lack of IELTS exam knowledge, or a misconception that the IELTS is an English test.
Our IELTS preparation course is designed to help you learn your rules, your weaknesses, and how to prevent common IELTS exam mistakes.

Our IELTS Coaching Pattern


  • Introduction to IELTS Reading techniques.

  • Improving IELTS reading speed and comprehension.

  • Annotation strategy for improving accuracy.

  • Cracking  IELTS Question type of True/ False/ Not Given questions.

  • Tackling completion type questions.

  • Mastering matching type questions.

  • IELTS Reading Practice Tests / Evaluation and Discussion.


  • Detailed analysis of IELTS listening test pattern.

  • IELTS listening test tips / strategies.

  • Common error during the IELTS listening test. 

  • Common spelling errors.

  • Improving listening speed with Native English accent.

  • Developing IELTS paraphrasing skills for lIELTS listening section.

  • Solving Table completion Questions.

  • Practice tests on IELTS listening section, with analysis and discussion.


  • Introduction to IELTS speaking section.

  • IELTS interview pattern - Strategies for IELTS task 1.

  • Deal with IELTS speaking question - Strategies for IELTS task 2.

  • Discussion - IELTS strategies for IELTS speaking task 3.

  • Phrases, vocab and idioms for IELTS speaking task 1.

  • Phrases, vocab and idioms for IELTS speaking task 2.

  • Phrases, vocab and idioms for IELTS speaking task 3.

  • Multiples IELTS speaking mock sessions.


  • Introduction to IELTS writing questions types.

  • IELTS report writing for Bar/Pie/Line and process diagrams.

  • IELTS vocabulary and Idioms for Summary/Report writing.

  • Types of IELTS Essays – Argumentative, Opinion-based, Cause-effect etc.

  • Brainstorming and IELTS writing essay flows.

  • IELTS Writing technique for improving coherence and cohesion.

  • Special techniques for IELTS writing.

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13 Years of Our Excellence

Frequently Asked Questions
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How long does it take to enroll in an IELTS coaching class? 

Ans. Our IELTS coaching course can start from 1 month up to 3 or 6 months depending on your requirements. You may visit our centre to talk directly to the trainer so they will be able to judge you on how many months in approximate you may start with.  

Any course prerequisite to enroll in an IELTS coaching class?

Ans. It is highly recommended that the learner have English language proficiency at least at the pre-intermediate level. IELTS coaching is the class where you will be taking daily IELTS mock - reading mock exams, writing mock exams, speaking mock exams, and listening mock exams. If your current English proficiency is below the pre - intermediate level, you might find the course difficult. Rather than enrolling directly in the IELTS class, we may alternatively recommend you enroll in the intensive English course. So your basic English fundamentals, including grammar and vocabulary, will be brushed up, and you will be prepared and well equipped to enroll in an IELTS coaching class. 


Tuition fees structure for an IELTS coaching class in Navi Mumbai. 

Ans. Our IELTS coaching location is in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. On average, IELTS tuition fees in Navi Mumbai, India, vary depending on the institute, IELTS course offer, IELTS location, IELTS promotion, IELTS package course offer, and the reputation of IELTS trainers. You may 'call back request' to find out. 

Can international students enroll in this IELTS coaching class in Navi Mumbai?

Ans. Yes, anyone who plans to take the IELTS exam can enrol in the IELTS coaching course, including Indian nationals who stay overseas and international students.  


Where is your IELTS training location?

Ans. Our IELTS training location is in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. For those who stay far from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai location, they may choose the alternative of taking an online IELTS coaching class instead. The advantages of taking IELTS online are the same. You will get the same benefits from taking IELTS online. Our online IELTS trainer uses the same IELTS coaching techniques and materials. Many people may look for an IELTS coaching class near me. In case you find the location far away and travel is not possible, speak to our online IELTS trainer and find your best study options. 

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