Hindi Language for Young Learners  

It is not necessary to have any prior understanding of Hindi. The training is intended for complete beginners or those with only a basic understanding of the subject.
The course is designed specifically for international students and tourists who want to learn Hindi.
Follow LSRW-Concepts.
Reach your Hindi language objectives today and in the future, expanding your personal and professional prospects.
Offline and online study modalities are available. 7 to 14 years old is the maximum age limit.
There are three levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced.
Throughout the year, admission is offered.

What you will learn

  • The letters of Hindi, as well as the vowels and associated sounds.


  • After the first session, you'll be able to create your own phrases from scratch.

  • Understand and apply the Hindi language's grammatical and linguistic characteristics with ease.

  • Get a handle on Hindi pronunciation.


  • While stay in India, build a strong foundation vocabulary of words and phrases that you can use in everyday conversation.


  • You'll quickly have a strong foundation in Hindi.

  • Possess the ability to ask and respond to basic inquiries.


  • Possess the ability to read and write Hindi sentences.

Hindi Language for Young Learners


Benefits of knowing Hindi language

Anyone conducting business or staying in India will benefit greatly from knowing some Hindi. Apart from English and other state languages, Hindi is India's official language. Many foreigners visit India for business or for pleasure, and if you speak Hindi, you will not be hindered by the local language barrier. Knowing Hindi will undoubtedly be beneficial.

Hobby & Traveling


Apart from English and other state languages, Hindi is an official language of India. The majority of Indians can communicate fluently in English, however local employees such as maids and shopkeepers may have limited English skills. If you know a very little Hindi, it will be a plus and make your stay more enjoyable.

Study Modes

Offline - Classroom


On a weekday or weekend, there will be a small group size with flexible time. The learning technique is a hands-on approach in which learners are expected to be able to converse, write, and read in Hindi at the conclusion of the session.


Private Tuition

The teacher provides all of the class's resources. However, you may also tell her what you want to learn (grammar, listening, speaking, etc.) and how you like to learn (talking, reading, doing activities, etc). Also, if you have a favourite text book, please let your teacher know; she would be glad to accommodate your request.


Online Hindi Courses


Our online Hindi class may be planned according to your schedule and will be one-on-one through Google Meeting.


Learning Hindi with us

We have a team of Hindi language specialists on staff, so you can expect a high-quality learning experience at a minimal price. This course is designed for international students and tourists who want to learn basic Hindi for communication purposes.

The course was created to teach SLRW concepts and to ensure that students learned all of the key aspects of Hindi language acquisition. What you may anticipate from our Hindi language programme is as follows:

  • With fully interactive multimedia courses, it covers all four areas of language acquisition: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Even better, the speech recognition tool may assist you in improving your pronunciation.

  • There are no prerequisites. You will begin with studying Hindi alphabet, sounds, and phonetics, which will teach you how to pronounce each sound.

  • In addition, you will begin writing the Hindi alphabets, letter combinations, and phrases.

  • With courses arranged by different daily subjects and themes, you may learn at your own speed and discover what's important to you.

  • Regular course updates and new lessons ensure that you always have the most up-to-date information.