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German Language : Beginner levels for Young Learners

NO knowledge background are required as the course covers everything from a very basics A1 level. 
Let's your child reach his German language goals, increasing the opportunities for further study in Germany.

Study Modes : Offline & Online Modes

Suitable Age group  : 9 to 14 Years old
Batch of maximum : 5 students
Admission is available throughout the year.

5 Star Ratings (from 45 ratings)

What you will learn
  • Learn the fundamentals of the German language.


  • German Alphabets and Phonetics


  • Build a solid foundation before progressing to more challenging stages.


  • Begin by writing a simple phrase. ​

  • Recognize the Numbers

  • Introduce new terminology in the German language.


  • After the first session, you will have progressed from a total novice to creating your own phrases.

  • With ease, understand and apply essential grammatical and linguistic aspects of the German language.

  • Learn how to pronounce German words.

German Language for Young Learners


Children absorb new languages like sponges. An early start with languages can provide several benefits and possibilities.

During the school summer, let your youngster discover his or her potential linguistic talents.

Bilingual youngsters tend to be better learners, with more advanced reading abilities, greater confidence, and a broader understanding of the world we live in, with its diverse nations and cultures.

German is the 10th most widely spoken language in the world, with 228 million speakers. Furthermore, because Germany is the world's fourth largest economy, learning German opens you a plethora of options. It is never too early to begin studying a foreign language. If you want to raise a multilingual child, there's no harm in immersing them in the German language from the start.

Aged and Batch criteria

Age 9 - 14

Coaching German Language with Stanford English and Foreign Language Academy 

We have a team of linguists that work in various batches throughout the day. You can expect high-quality learning experiences for the greatest value of your payments. What you may anticipate from our German language programme is as follows:

  • With fully interactive multimedia courses, it covers all four areas of language acquisition: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. 

  • With courses arranged by concept and theme, you can study at your own speed and focus on what matters to you.

  • Regular course updates and new lessons ensure that you always have the most up-to-date information.


Study Modes

Offline / Physical class at Kharghar 

The majority of learners feel at ease in a group environment. Many learners are eager to improve their language skills, and they feel that language programmes provide a good combination of language instruction and opportunities to listen and speak. Each batch of learners in our language classes ranges from 2 to 5 people. Trainers will undoubtedly give you plenty attention.

Online/Offline Private Tuitions

There are other advantages to private one-on-one tuition with a trainer, such as the fact that students receive one-on-one attention. You will follow our German study plan as well, but you can tell the trainer what else you want to learn (grammar, listening, speaking, etc). You may choose between fast and slow tempo. Furthermore, if you have a book that you would want us to follow, please let us know; we will be delighted to do so.


Online course features :

  • LIVE Online class through Google Meeting

  • Small class size

  • Individual or group based tuition

  • Flexible start date

  • Easy to access on mobile with good internet speed​

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