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English & Internship Program : Boost your language and professional skills 

Minimum 3 months English course and 2 - 6 months Internship.
10+ Internship hosts & 20+ Internship fields across India. 
Total course duration starts from 5 months and above.
Pre-requisite English at Intermediate level.  
Admission is available throughout the year.

5 Star Ratings (from 45 ratings)

What you will learn

  • You can select any of the English courses we have offered.


  • For all four key areas, RSWL, we strive to strengthen your English abilities.

  • Speech and presenting abilities for the general public.

  • Writing reports and email etiquette

  • Personality Development for the Workplace

  • On a daily basis, students are exposed to a plethora of English vocabulary.

  • Internship with hands-on experience in a preferred field.

  • After completing the course, you will receive certification.

  • After completing the course, an Internship Working Experience Letter will be issued.

English & Internship Program for Graduates


Our English and Internship programme not only improves your understanding of English on specific aspects, but also helps you enhance your professional qualifications at work. You will stand out in your nation in a competitive working environment with this practical experience. Especially, the experience of living and working overseas will boost your CV considerably.

We understand that an internship in India is unlike any other. We have chosen a unique selection of internships that are ideal for individuals wanting to obtain the essential work experience for a dream job. Learn how to work with experts in your chosen field, explore real-world issues and be part of sustainable solutions to some of India's biggest challenges. 

Our programme includes an English language course (Intensive English course, Spoken English class, IELTS coaching, or TOEFL coaching), following which you will be placed in a suitable internship field . We'll work with you to identify your interests and abilities, and make sure they're put to the best possible advantage.


Our program

You can enroll in an English course for as little as 12 weeks and as long as 24 weeks, followed by a 4- to 12-week volunteer internship. The Internship programme is designed for students and young people who are currently enrolled in school, have completed their education, or are working and want to take a break to improve their English in a professional environment and gain practical knowledge in a variety of business sectors related to their field of study or future career.

We strongly advise that you have an Intermediate level of English.


You must also be between the ages of 18 and 40. We offer the following internship options, subject to the availability of the host company you apply for:

  • Regular: Business Administration, Education Administration, Marketing, Customer Service, Fashion, Sales, Design, Hospitality, and Tourism.

  • Architecture, Finance, Engineering, Journalism, IT, Law, Media, and Language Translator are all areas of expertise.

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