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Improve Your Workplace Social Skills with Corporate English

4 Main Areas : Voice and Pronunciation, Business Vocabulary, Personality Development, and Soft Skills are all topics covered in this course
Study Modes : Offline & Online Courses
Online Course Features : Google Meeting, Interactive session limited for only 5 students per session. Recorded Video and e-Materials throughout the course.  
Special Offered : A course that is specifically tailored to your team requirements. Batch customization is available

What you will learn

  • Your social interaction skills will increase, as will your communication and speaking skills.

  • Business writing - email, report, agenda, notes. 

  • You'll learn how to deliver an excellent presentation or give a public speech with confidence.

  • Over 1000 essential English words, phrases, and idioms will be taught, along with how to use them in real-life situations in business settings.

  • You will confidently participate in group discussions on a variety of assigned topics.


  • You should expect to enhance your English speaking fluency after completing the course.

Corporate English for Working Profession


This training module is designed to help you enhance your personality, particularly while dealing with clients or coworkers. In addition, we want to help you enhance your business vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and oral communication abilities in business workplace.

Corporate English course is meant to build your confidence while interacting with peers, supervisor or external clients. 

We aim to enrich you with a variety of business vocabulary lists, speech & pronunciation of words and sounds through interactive lessons on a variety of current business topics. We will also teach you how to construct a simple sentence with the help of grammar (part of speech). Importantly, you will surely able to express yourself without hesitations in group of people or in formal business situations confidently.

The learner is expected to develop in the following areas by the end of the course:

 You will receive understanding in the following areas after finishing this course, which will help you work more successfully and open up new job options.

Scope of learning 

  1. Social Interaction Skills. 

  2. Communication Skills.

  3. Personal growth and Professional development. 

  4. Pronunciation correction and voice modulation. 

  5. Formal vocabulary for writing and speaking. 


How will I know if my speaking abilities have improved?

The following tasks will be used to track learner progress during the course:

  1. Classroom / Session Activity

  2. Classroom Assignments  

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