English & Internship Program : Boost your language and professional skills 

Minimum 3 months English course and 2 months Internship.
10+ Internship hosts & 20+ Internship fields across India. 
Course duration start from 5 months and above.
Pre-requisite English at Intermediate level.  
Admission is available throughout the year.

5 Star Ratings (from 45 ratings)

What you will learn

  • You can choose any of our available English courses. 

  • We aims to improve your English skills for all 4 main areas - RSWL.  

  • Public speaking and presentation skills.

  • Report writing and email etiquette.

  • Basic Personality Development for workplace.


  • Tons of English vocabularies on daily classes.

  • Hands on internship on preferable field. 

  • Certification after course completion.

  • Internship Working Experience Letter are provided after course completion.  



Our English and Internship program will not only improve your English knowledge for certain aspects, but also help to develop your professional skills in workplace. This practical experience will ensure you stand out in a competitive working environment in your country. Importantly, your CV will be greatly enhanced with the experience of living and working abroad.

We know that an internship in India is like no other country in the world. The exposure to all that the Indian continent holds can be life-changing, which is why we have curated a niche selection of internships that are perfect for those looking to gain the necessary work experience for a dream career.

Our course offer internship placements that compliment highly established and successful community development in Indian community. You’ll work alongside experts in your chosen field, in sometimes-challenging environments, exploring real-world issues and being part of sustainable and practical solutions to some of India’s biggest challenges.

Our package offer English language course and after the course completion (Intensive English course, Spoken English class, IELTS coaching or TOEFL coaching), you will be placed at a suitably preferable internship field. We’ll work with you to find out your interests and skills and make sure that it is used to make the biggest impact possible.


Our program

You can take an English course of minimum 12 weeks up to 24 weeks, followed by a volunteer Internship of 4-12 weeks. The Internship programme is suitable for students, young people who are either in education, have completed their education, or are working and wish to take a break to improve their English in a professional environment and gain practical knowledge in a variety of business sectors related to their field of study or future career.

Strongly suggest, you must have an Intermediate level of English at the end of the English course.


You must also be aged 18 - 40. We offer the following options for your internship, subject to availability of the host company you apply for :

  • Regular: Business Administration, Education Administration, Marketing, Customer Services, Fashion, Sales, Design, Hospitality, Tourism.

  • Specialized: Architecture, Finance, Engineering, Journalism, IT, Law, Media, Language Translator.

Location Offered at Kharghar

Our English and Internship program offer in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India.


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